After the Ice

Photo credit Mike Quinn (Creative Commons Licence)

Photo credit Mike Quinn (Creative Commons Licence)

8,000 years ago in the North East. As the ice melts and the shape of the land shifts before their eyes, twin siblings on the cusp of adulthood battle their environment and each other as they try to find their place in a harsh Mesolithic world. As jealousy and fear threaten their close bond, the sea threatens their very existence. For ages 7-11 years, this is a story about growing up and the difficult choices it brings.

After the Ice is a Queen’s Hall production and was performed at the Queen’s Hall in Hexham on Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd January 2016. The play was commissioned by Queen’s Hall Arts. The Mesolithic era (Middle Stone Age) is a current national curriculum key stage 2 history topic.

Writer: Susannah Pickering

Director: Carolyn Fairlie

Cast: Zoe Hakin, Robert Nicholson, Shelley O’Brien

Designer: Alan Parker

Producer: Geof Keys

Sound & Lighting: Alex Perry, Scoon Ferguson, Ed Wright & John Parrack

Acknowledgement is made to the Hosking Houses Trust for a short residency and financial support.