Alternative electronic books consisting of two traditional hard back books with spines exposed and stitched through with CAT5 cabling wire

A series of book sculptures created in collaboration with Stevie Ronnie. Binding was originally produced for the first Brass Book exhibition and an edition of ten were then produced. The work combines traditional binding techniques with CAT5 cables, the cabling systems that are commonly used to transmit digital information. The result is this series of alternative electronic books. The work acknowledges the visual and tactile attributes of the book as a technology, largely ignored in the formats currently adopted by digital and electronic books. Binding has been shown at several exhibitions across the UK including:

• Winchester School of Art in an exhibition linked to New Art of Making Books
• The Centre for Fine Print Research, Bristol for the BOUND exhibition December 2012
• Leeds City Library for the BOUND exhibition August 2012
• Lit & Phil for Late Shows 2012